2742 E Burnside Street

1647 NW 21st Ave

2021 SE Clinton Street


Monday - Thursday 2p - 11p

Friday - Sunday 12p - 12a

legendairy (and legend-non-dairy) ice cream

for delivery or pickup


Hood Strawberry​

The legendairy sweet, fragrant variety of strawberries, grown at

South Barlow Farms.

Chocolate AF

A rich, deep dark chocolate laced with chunks of homemade chocolate ganache.


Based on the classic Mexican drink with puréed white rice, cinnamon, and a hint of sweetness.

Vanilla AF

A perfectly balanced, ethically sourced blend of the world's best vanilla. It's bright, fruity, floral, and fun.

Oregon Blackberry

The best blackberries in the world are grown here in Oregon by our friends at South Barlow Farms.

Toasted Milk

What does milk taste like when you toast it? A little bit like caramel, a little bit like graham crackers. 

Salted Caramel

with Lavender

Locally grown lavender and a generous ribbon of salted caramel.

Water Avenue Coffee

The ultimate cold brew with plenty of cream & sugar. 

Soy Sauce Caramel

Imagine salted caramel, but with a deep, rich, mysterious something.

Just try it.

Golden Milk (vegan)

Get warm & cozy with turmeric, ginger, cardamom & black pepper in coconut milk.

Choc-Coco-Mel (vegan)

Chocolate in a creamy coconut milk base with a homemade coconut caramel ribbon. 

Coconut Lemon Saffron (vegan)

Silk road adventure with saffron, star anise, & cardamom in coconut milk.

Mango Sticky Rice (vegan)

Prized alphonso mango drizzled into a jasmine rice and coconut milk ice cream. 


Stick with one flavor or go crazy and choose two or *gasp* three flavors. It's your milkshake.

Cafe Cubano

As bitter as it is sweet. Our recipe is straight from a Cuban abuela. Pour it over a scoop of ice cream for the best affogato ever.

Root Beer Float*

Mt Angel Brewing's root beer with a scoop of ice cream. Our favorite pairing is Horchata.

*not available at slabtown location

A nerd, a truck, and a dream.

Food science is super cool, you guys! Fifty Licks owner Chad Draizin loves food science. He is fascinated by the chemical cartwheels that happen when beer is brewed, bread is baked, and ice cream is churned (or spun, as they say in the biz). 


His first love, brewing beer, is what brought him to Portland for an internship at Portland Brewing. He fell in love with the rain, but he couldn't find a place to get a good scoop of ice cream. Or a good cup of Cuban coffee. So he fixed up a cheerful blue truck, and started experimenting. His mission? Ice cream made from scratch, with local ingredients and tons of cage-free egg yolks for a luscious, rich texture. 


Someday we'll be able to gather round and be merry in person. When that day comes, we'd love to bring our iconic vintage blue ice cream truck to your wedding, company BBQ, retirement party, or client appreciation day.

We once catered a dog's birthday party. Can you top that? 



2742 E Burnside Street

2021 SE Clinton Street 


Sunday - Thursday 2p - 11p

Friday - Saturday 12p - 12a